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Omics for generations....

A start up initiated in 2017, leads the way in providing superior and reliable quality results with nonparallel technical support to enable national and international researchers to advance their scientific discoveries in a better way.

Our comprehensive Omics expertise accelerates result, solve complex biological research and development challenges with adaptable and appropriate platforms. Help out with deep support for novel and potential studies with guidance from design onwards. Leverage interconnected expertise to drive

potential biological science. 


A global medical crisis is unfolding as antibiotics lose effectiveness against a growing number of bacterial pathogens. Horizontal gene transfer (HGT) contributes significantly to the rapid spread of resistance, yet the transmission dynamics of genes that confer antibiotic resistance are poorly understood. Antibiograms are often used by clinicians to assess local susceptibility rates, as an aid in selecting empiric antibiotic therapy, and in monitoring resistance trends over time within an institution. We can tackle the problem with a genomic profiling of AMR not only in hospital setting, but in animal health, in aqua culture or any where human interference occurs, instead of going for laborious and risky culturing and susceptibility study. We can tackle uncultured organisms harboring the AMR genes too.
OMICS ESKAPE+ AMR Gene Panel is a rapid test kit for the detection of antimicrobial resistance genes and the quantitative detection of pathogens carrying the gene. It is a highly multiplexed amplification protocol with high throughput sequencing, an easy-to-use workflow and reports result in 3-4 days. Indigenous kit that can detect the Pathogens with AMR genes. End to end solution. Sample processing, analysis, interpretation supported with Antibiotic resistance/Sensitivity plan- emphasis on what need to be avoided and what has to be used from the reports available in database. Custom kit that is compatible with all NGS platform chemistry. An interface in our website will provide an option to submit fastq data which will be processed through our pipeline for analysis and interpretation of data with antibiotic resistance/Sensitivity plan based on reported and curated antibiotic resistance.



Recognitions & Awards


  • Dubai Expo2020- Start up delegation 

  • Secured first prize for RB-Invest India -Dettol Innovate with purpose challenge 2020.

  • Selected as one among 13 Week-2 StarsForImpact from the CCAMP COVID19 Innovations Accelerator CCIDA.

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