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Proteomic Services

Proteomics is a large-scale comprehensive study of a specific proteome, including information on protein abundances, the variations and modifications, as well as their interacting partners and networks. In discovery proteomics, proteome analysis can be performed in two different strate-gies, a crude protein mixture undergoes protease digestion first, and then separation by liquid chromatography, followed by MS analysis. Or else, proteins are characterized by MS without prior proteolysis.

 SDS PAGE analysis  |   Zymogram |   Glycoprotein staining
Purification of desired protein (salt precipitation, Dialysis, alcohol precipitation, Ultrafiltration methods, Gel filtration chromatography etc.) |  Secretome analysis |    LCMS |    GC/GCMS

Science Lab
Lab Worker

To students, research scholars, teachers etc.
Academic Projects
For Bachelors/Masters courses
Training / Project Work (PW) /Dissertation Work (DW) Programs  for graduate and postgraduate students. The aim is to make young minds feel, excite and focus on science by working hands on in project requiring  application and critical appreciation of scientific principles.  

Selected students need to pay the admissible charges as per OmicsGen guidelines. The students have to make their own arrangements for accommodation.

Training Programs

Other Services

Metabolomic Services  |  Gene editing services
Gene knock out services  | Gene synthesis
Custom Projects as per clients requirement

Scientist on Computer
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