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Sanger Services

DNA Extraction

We have  extraction protocols for a wide range of starting materials and volumes which enable the delivery of off-the-shelf services for most applications or tailor-made solutions utilising our unique range of in-house technologies.

Gene Isolation

Using  a DNA sequence  of your specification, Omics Gen LifeSciences  will design  and synthesis primers  for PCR amplification of your desired gene from your genetic source (DNA or RNA)

Real Time PCR Services

Quantitative Real Time PCR (qPCR) is an important research tool for quantifying gene expression or DNA copy number. We offers comprehensive qPCR services tailored to your needs.  We can help you to save your time by managing the entire process all the way through qPCR experiments and data analysis from cell line expansion, RNA preparation and cDNA synthesis to downstream applications.

Long Range PCR

If the gene of interest is larger that 3 to 4kb, polymerase might not work well, Hence for getting amplicons of 4 to 30 KB, We suggest you to take up our long range PCR option.

Mycoplasma detection

Mycoplasma species are found as contaminants in cell cultures, virus stocks, other cell-derived chemicals and reagents. We detect and identify this Mycoplasma rapidly and reliably using a validated PCR test.

RNA Extraction

Our RNA extraction services include the ability to prepare RNA from:
o    RNAlater® preserved material
o    PAXgene® samples
o    Frozen sample / Fresh material

Gene Cloning and Sequencing

Your desired gene of interest amplified by PCR  will be cloned directly to  a T/A cloning vector  and will be multiplied.  Plasmid will be isolated from clones  and will be sequenced (both DNA strands) to ensure the sequence integrity


Reverse Transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR) is a technique where mRNAs are reverse transcribed into cDNA using the enzyme reverse transcriptase.  The resulting cDNA can be used for a variety of applications including qPCR, sequence validation or expression.  cDNA can be amplified using standard PCR and cloned directly into cloning or expression vectors

Identification Services (Bacteria, fungus, algae, Plant, fish and other eukaryotes)

We offer innovative services for fast and reliable identification of microorganisms, specialized in fast identifications of micro-organisms using molecular methods such as DNA sequencing. We offers identification services based on PCR and DNA sequencing of the 16S rRNA for bacte-ria or the ITS region for fungal or 28S region of algal samples.

Primer Walking

If you have a gene of interest, but sequence unknown, you can clone it in a vector  and start sequencing  with M13 primer and can design primer from 3” end of  sequenced region. Again can sequence with new primer and sequence will be utilized to generate new primer and all the sequenced fragments will be utilized to make a contig.

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Sanger based projects- Less than 15 working days
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